Vladimir Sokolov was born in 1932 in the former Yugoslavia. He was trained and educated in Graphic Design and Fine Art. After a visit to USA in 1965, he decided he wanted to make it his home. So in 1966 he returned to start a new life in the United States, becoming a citizen in 1975.

During the early sixties he developed a unique painting style, mixed media-collage influenced by constructivist artist Naum Gabo, a well known teacher from New York. Vladimir’s most recent works are concerned with issues of form, light, and space in the creation of large and mysterious concepts of the Cosmos. Vladimir likes to describe his paintings as “a mixture of acrylic, paper, and music!”

Between 1980 and 2018 he and his wife Lillian, owned their studio gallery in south Laguna Beach, California. The gallery was part of the artist’s working studio and was open daily from 11am to 5pm and by appointment. Lillian managed the day to day running of the Laguna Gallery, which allowed Vladimir to concentrate on creating amazing art pieces. He also displayed in the world famous Festival Of Arts also in Laguna Beach as well as various galleries around the country.

Vladimir, took retirement in 2018, after devoting over 60 years to expressing his art. Although Vladimir has retired, he still opens the paint pots on occasion when the inspiration wave washes over him.


Dear friends, gallery patrons, and interested others:

It is with the deepest sadness and sorrow, that the Sokolov family announces the passing of our beloved Lillian.

She recently passed away after sudden complications from her chronic medical ailments. Best be known, she left this Earth without pain or suffering.

Lillian was a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, and sister to all of her family, and a bright beautiful soul to all others.

Together with her husband Vladimir, they created and maintained the successful Vladimir Sokolov Studio Gallery in Laguna Beach for almost thirty-five years!

Lillian loved her patrons, visitors, and many of whom became longtime friends, and also all those who stopped in to chat about art and life itself. She loved Laguna Beach and its vibrancy, all seasons long!

May we all take peace in her passing and God bless her beautiful soul in heaven.

Best, The Sokolovs
(March 31 2020)

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